Made from authentic Japanese recipes, our pre-cooked meats are rich in flavor and texture, and incredibly easy to use.

CHASHU Japanese-style Pork Belly

'Chashu' is just a fancy word for Pork Belly. Our Chashu is made from premium, hand-trimmed pork bellies that is hand-formed and bonded prior to cooking, to ensure a round to slightly oval shape with a diameter of 75-80mm--it's pretty nice. Then we take this shaped roll and braise it to a tender texture. Since it is pre-cooked, all you have to do it is warm it up and serve.

We give you various options:

--Whole or Sliced

--Slice Thickness

--Seasoned or Unseasoned

Pork Belly Chashu, 42464 | 1.5-2#

Chashu in Soy

Chashu in Miso




MEATBALL Japanese-style Pork and Beef 0.5 oz Meatball

What makes a meatball Japanese? It's the fresh ginger and green onion which bring out the flavor you come to expect. We make our meatball without any preservatives and a lower sodium soy sauce. And maybe our shaohsing rice wine with a little bit of garlic make it just right.

We give you various options:

--In Teriyaki Sauce or Without Sauce

--Package size, 2.2# or 5#

0.5 ounce, 2.2# pkg

0.5 ounce

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