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Our Services

Personalized service and a dedicated team is what we provide our customers to ensure their success. We are more than a vendor. We are a partner.


Unique and collaborative recipes created to your exact specifications

Innovation and Creation. That’s what we do here and we’re pretty good at it. We can work directly with your R&D team to take your vision from conception to commercialization, producing a superior product for your marketplace, whether it is a component of your meals or custom seasoned cooked meat. Pocino R&D can assist with difficult concepts and flavor profiles.


Once products are developed, we run shelf-life studies to ensure you get the safest product in packaging that works best for you. Our 85+ years of expertise is at your service.


Chefs/R&D. We can create and provide you samples quickly so you can commercialize your new product with a manufacturing plant ready to produce your product and meet your deadline.


Restaurants. Introduce a new menu item to keep your customers engaged and your bottom line healthy. We can help you develop new products that directly target your diner demographic.


Distributors. Increase your profit margin with custom label products from our current inventory or we can create custom new products especially for you.


Retail Chains. Signature flavors and superior quality will give your customers what they need on a daily basis, whether it is meatballs or deli meats. We can also give you a custom label product or choose from our extensive lines of high quality precooked products.

What we do

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