Pocino specializes in providing B2B services to a diverse range of clients, including retail, small businesses, and even direct consumers. Personalized service and a dedicated team are what we provide our customers with to ensure their success. Our services include but are not limited to collaborating with chefs and R&D, creating private label products, and producing child nutrition compliant items. Our packaging options include exact weight retail portioning and foodservice friendly bulk packaging. Vacuum or gas flush packaging are available for most formats. Additionally, we can export our products to other countries like Canada and Japan, providing a global reach for our clients. We are more than a vendor. We are a partner. Let us be a solution to your foodservice needs.

Small Businesses

Let us be the missing piece to complete your menu! We are happy to work with chefs to develop products for your restaurant.


Stock your shelves with our product! Pocino® can provide items that customers will love.


Our wide range of products and capacity for further processing can help in strategic international and national partnerships.

Research and Development

Innovation and Creation

That’s what we do here and we’re pretty good at it. We can work directly with your chefs, R&D team or management to take your vision from conception to commercialization, producing a superior product for your marketplace. Whether it is a component of your meals or custom seasoned cooked meat, Pocino®'s R&D and Merchandising can assist with difficult concepts and flavor profiles. Once products are developed, we run shelf-life studies to ensure you get the safest product in packaging that works best for you. Our 85+ years of expertise is at your service.

Our sample creation process allows us to align your visions with our capabilities, while our manufacturing prowess ensures timely production. From customizable product for demanding markets to bespoke private label/exclusive items, we're your partner in delivering exquisite products that resonate with your audience.

Restaurants & Small Businesses

We're your partner in bridging the gap between the innovation of the kitchen and the convenience of ready-made products, from helping you unveil new menu items to revamping existing ingredients. We work closely with your chefs and R&D team to transform back-of-house creations into exceptional commercial products, allowing you to thrive, scale up, and expand while preserving the essence of quality that defines your establishment.

Retail Markets

Our distinctive flavor library and top-tier quality are tailored to meet your customers' daily cravings. Partner with us to develop your own brand, expand your product lineup, or use our own brand of retail products as a turnkey solutions. With our expertise, we'll collaborate closely to create a winning formula for your retail success.

Further Manufactoring/Export

We are a USDA/BRC A+ facility and regularly work with strategic national and international partners. We're experienced in navigating the complexities of this unique segment's logistics and regulatory environment.

Enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon and on a skewer.Enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon and on a skewer.